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Representatives of RIEW – Veliko Tarnovo, which is the Partner No 4 in the Strategic project „Joint Risk Monitoring during Emergencies in the Danube Area Border“, reference number № 2s-2.2-1, MIS-ETC Code: 166, took part in the Eleventh meeting of the Joint Steering Committee of the project which was held in the town of Giurgiu, Romania on 17th December 2013. During the abovementioned meeting it was announced that Veliko Tarnovo environmental inspectorate is the leader among all Romanian and Bulgarian partners in relation to the level of sustainable use of the financial resources granted as well as the completion of all the planned actions with a total result of 70,2 % used and actually reimbursed funds under the approved project budget. The activities related to the protection of the citizens against environmental impact and risks to their health and well-being have been carried out according to the European Regional Development Fund Grant Agreement in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Waters and Minister Iskra Mihailova, personally. Our ambitions stretch as far as achieving by the end of the third year of the project implementation full use of the project resources reaching the highest possible score in the framework of the Crossborder Cooperation Programme Romania-Bulgaria for the first planning period of our country membership in the European Union 2007-2013. The second place in the level of sustainable use of financial resources at a rate of 65,2 %  is occupied by the Partner No 3, that is National Environmental Guard of Romania.

In the discussions held participated as well the General Inspector of the Chief Inspectorate for Emergency Situations to the Ministry of the Interior of Romania, a leading partner in the project. In its speech before the participants in the meeting Mr.  Ion Burlui emphasized on the following:

“Good managers are those ones who can rely on good employees, and I myself have chosen exactly such ones to be a part of the project. I am very glad that we have been given the opportunity to implement this project and our wishes have their material expression. We put in all our efforts to fight every emergency that has occurred and needs immediate intervention. We need as well excellent technique and knowing the intervention procedures we apply them in our everyday drills and training and further in real-time situations. We are interested in providing better protection for the civilians. It would be great if we reach these goals and our children have new and better understanding for issues of this kind. Numbers containing zeros require much work to be done to complete the budget, and all of us who have gathered here have important responsibilities in ensuring that every euro reaches its goal.

The Joint technical secretarian in Călărași also took part in the meeting via two of its representatives, Mr.  Florin Hodorog – head of financial department, Ms.  Luminita Sitaru – project manager and Ms Tihomira Zhekova – financial expert. Mr. Hodorog laid an emphasis on the uniting role of the partnership on reaching the project goals and recommended for stronger attention by each partner at the values of the indicators for project implementation.

Ms Alisa Rusen, Project manager from INSOFT Development & Consulting  – Romania presented the project outcome so far, in a summary prepared by the leading parther. She has also outlined the main problems that have occurred in relation to the project implementation, namely:

-personal changes in the project teams of the partners

–        personal changes n the project teams comprising experts responsible for the project implementation at the Joint Technical Secretariat in Călărași

–        the numerous requests for clarification and explanation of Addendum No 4 and the long one-year period for its approval

–        the numerous instructions by the Managing Authority of the Crossborder Cooperation Programme Romania-Bulgaria 2007-2013

The joint discussions continued with dwelling on the current issues related to the project implementation – forthcoming activities and necessary funds  for the year 2014, tender procedures, timely sending of information to the leading partner and preparation of Addendum No 5 to the Grant Agreement with ERDF. At the end of the meeting the project leader Mr. Emilian Lascateu appealed to the partners with the following words: “Let us prove in the next year 2014 that our project is a successful one!

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