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In this spring month of May when nature is waking up to a new life, a flock of birds is rising high up in the sky and the young generation is in hectic preparations for their flight to the future. A flight, which however, can be easily darkened by the negative impact global warming exerts. Here rises the question: What threatens our planet and what can save it?

Turning back to my past, I can see how many efforts all of us have put in working and studying, both at home and at school, with the kind support of our parents and teachers, together with our friends and schoolmates, we have been in a constant process of building the vision of the world we live in.

We have been standing in admiration before the wonders of nature, we have been watching and thinking about the surprises it has been offering to us. Gradually we started to feel the birth inside everyone of us of that pure primitive sense of merging with nature and gaining power from the very source. Determined to look forward we want to „fly“ freely in a clean and healthy environment. That is why we constanly search for solutions to pollution issues, solutions that could provide decent protection of our common home – the planet Earth, solutions based on the following thought „You can judge about the mankind not by what it creates, but by what it decides not to destroy“ (Edward Osborne Wilson, American biologist and researcher)

Today, just before the World Climate Day 15 May, our main concern is that the impact of human actions upon nature is an undeniable fact and it has brought about climate changes and has negatively affected everything on a global scale. Different types of greenhouse gases have given rise to the current crisis in the world climate that has the following characteristics:

  • broken carbon cycle
  • woods emit carbon instead of absorbing it
  • constant threat of natural disasters — rainstorms and floods
  • speed-up in the process of desertification that expands and affects more and more areas
  • phenomen of the so-called «climatic refugees», that is people forced to leave their homes and the territories where they used to live
  • the restoration of the ozone layer is a very slow process
  • the diminishing of species affects mankind.

To overcome the damaging consequneces brought about by the industrial revolution that has generated in the course of time the current crisis government and local authorities in close cooperation with NGOs, academic circles and the business must join forces. Greenhouse gas emissions can be decreased fourfold for a period of 50 years with the application of all the measures accepted by the international community in the three conventions adopted in result of the World Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro which took place in 1992, namely: United Nations Framework Convention on climate change, Convention on Biodiversity, the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification as well as Vienna Convention on Ozone Layer Protection from 1985 and the Kioto Protocol from 1997.

Each individual must be highly responsible and become part of the joint efforts. Being young environmentalists and people involved in the protection of the environment let us become ambassadors for tangible actions by means of which we can help the Earth:

  • let’s walk on foot or ride bicycles or use public transport
  • let’s plant trees, each tree planted supplies oxygen for two people until the end of their lives
  • let’s use energy saving lamps
  • let’s produce and use biofuel
  • let’s use development technologies that do not pollute the environment

All of the abovementioned actions will be our contribution so that the Earth becomes better place to live in, which provides better opportunities to people in this country and worldwide.


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