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In relation to the management of strategic project „Joint Risk Monitoring during Emergencies in the Danube Area Border“,  reference number № 2s-2.2-1, MIS-ETC Code: 166 in which Regional Inspectorate for Environment and Waters Veliko Turnovo is partner No 4 from Bulgaria, a team from the Inspectorate took part in the Ninth work session of the  Joint Steering Committee that was held in the town of Alexandria in Romania on 18th June 2013. The goal was to achieve better management and development of partner relations as well as taking proper decisions for overcoming difficulties and obstacles.

The discussions as per the points in the agenda were linked with issues concerning the progress in the implementation of project activities observing the schedule, use of funds and financial management in the last quarter, activities planned for the next quarter as well as the risks for possible failure to complete the benefits planned and achieve project goals.

During the session Ms Kameliya Dzhanabetska – project manager from RIEW Veliko Turnovo informed the participants that partner 4 RIEW had used 60 % of the funds approved in the project budget and these had been actually paid out and had agreed to receive 75 % of the financial resources. According Agreement Plan there had been carried out 10 of total 12 public tenders for selection of a contractor, In result of that were concluded 10 contracts. Upcoming is the conduction of two more procedures – selection of a contractor to organise educational visit to Veliko Turnovo and a seminar to promote the products from the joint actions carried out together with parther 3 National Environmental Guard of Romania and the Programme. Ms. Dzhanabetska informed as well that forthcoming is the purchase of a special equipment to determine the condition of air and waters in the cross-border area for the amount of EUR  57 650,00. The necessary steps had been taken in order to provide temporary availability of funds which will help complete the activities and use the planned for the year 2013 finances.

Dipl. Eng Elena Grigorova, Managing Director of RIEW Veliko Turnovo thanked partner 5 ICMET-Craiova (Research, Development and Testing National Institute for Electrical Engineering) as well as the Leading partner Ministry of Administration and Internal Affairs of Romania for the fruitful and beneficial meetings to help complete the goals and upgrade the project.

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